Anna King

Anna King

Email Address

Level The One Test Prep Family

Start Date April 13, 2018

Phone 719.244.4781

Practice Field licensed-clinical-social-worker

License Number 009924995


Education BA: Sociology from University of Edinboro MA: International Relations and Conflict Resolution from American Military University MSW: Masters in Social Work from The University of Texas at San Antonio

Brief Bio/Personal Statement I have a passion for working with individuals and families that are looking to increase their understanding of mental illness and begin the process of recovery. I am also passionate about working with other social workers to increase the pool of well-qualified and well-rounded professionals that will in turn bring their services and specialties to their local communities. I believe that cultural competence is the foundation of an ethical social worker. I strive to assist as many open-minded and eager social workers pass and excel initially in their exam and then in their own professional development.