Linda Franco

Linda Franco

Biographical Info I have been a clinical social worker for 8 years, an assistant professor for 1 year. I strongly believe in mentoring colleagues in the Social Work field. While I have worked with a range of mental health issues, my specialty lies in treating clients recovering from trauma and addictions. As a clinical supervisor, I help colleagues: 1. Develop their strengths 2. Write clear and concise documentation in compliance with clinical, ethical, and, professional standards 3. Function optimally, with reduced burnout and fresh passion

Email Address

Level The One Test Prep Family

Start Date April 13, 2018

Phone 917.535.8000

Practice Field licensed-clinical-social-worker

License Number 084790


Practice Orientation/Specialization Somatic Intervention, Trauma, Addictions, Self-Actualization

Population Served Children, Adults

Education BA, Bachelor of Arts, Brooklyn College MSW, Long Island University

Brief Bio/Personal Statement You need 3 types of people to keep your life in balance. Older, younger, and, peers. This enables one to constantly give and receive, allowing for balance in your life. Supervision, and, teaching allows me to give to others what others have given to me.

Publications None.

Preferred Method of Contact email